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fol·lowed , fol·low·ing , fol·lows v. tr. 1. a. To come or go after; proceed behind: Follow the usher to your seat. b. To go after in pursuit: would as follows.

As follows

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Whether the preceding matter is plural or not, as follows is always singular: The reasons for these decisions are as follows. To use as follow instead is sufficiently precious sounding to make your reader break stride: don’t do it. You can use the following instead, but you needn’t. "As follows" is an established, accepted English expression.

The Annual General Meeting authorized the Board of Directors to decide on the repurchase of the Company's own shares as follows. The number  plenipotentiary , which Agreement , including two Schedules annexed thereto , all in the English and Swedish languages , is in words and figures as follows  The AGM resolved that the annual remuneration payable to the members of the Board be as follows: EUR 48,000 to the Chairman, EUR 35,000  same measure of representation on these bodies, have agreed as follows: Preamble to the Agreement of 6 May 1985 The Governments of Denmark, Finland,  Follow. -.

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As follows

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as follows. アクセント as fóllows. (…は) 次のとおり 《★ 【用法】 この follow は 非人称動詞 で, 関係する 主節 の 主語の いかんにかかわらず 常に 3 人称単数 現在形 で用いられる 》.

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Kelime ve terimleri çevir ve farklı aksanlarda sesli dinleme. as follows aşağıda belirtildiği gibi worded as follows ne demek. It follows from that approach, which is based on the progressive impairment of rights according to the effectiveness of the measures, that the proportionality of those measures is established. Det följer av detta tillvägagångssätt – som innebär att den utveckling i vilken rättigheterna inskränks beror på hur effektiva åtgärderna är – att åtgärderna kan anses proportionerliga.