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Index · General relativity ideas · Black hole concepts  The relativistic energy that satisfies these requirements turns out to be The best known massless particle is the photon which is a particle of light. As we will  Keywords: DE-STAR, Photon Drive, Directed Energy, Relativistic Travel, Interstellar Travel. 1. INTRODUCTION.

Relativistic energy of a photon

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After the collision, the kinetic energy of A and B combined is 2 mu2 /2. higher energy photon he observes, with E− is the lesser energy photon in his frame. By manipulating the equations in the now familiar way, we may relate the energy of the photon in the moving frame, relative to the rest frame. The result is: E± = E 0 s 1±β 1∓β, (2.15) The process of e (+/-) pair production by relativistic nuclei on ambient photons is considered. The process is important for cosmic-ray nuclei in interstellar and intergalactic space as well as in galactic and extragalactic compact objects. The energy content, spectra, and angular patterns of the photon, electron, and ion radiations have all been diagnosed in a number of ways, including several novel (to laser physics) nuclear activation techniques.

☞ classical relationship for the kinetic energy of the particle in terms of its mass and velocity is not valid: kinetic energy ☞ must use special relativity to describe the energy and momentum of a particle.

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γ + p --> p + π 0 (m π0 = 135 MeV/c 2, m p = 938 MeV/c 2). After, photon: 4-momentum conservation => With p' alone squaring is easier When the atom emits the photon, the electron jumps from an orbit m with higher energy to an orbit n with lower energy.

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We guessed that energy and momentum are still conserved in relativistic problems, so that by conservation of momentum the particle produced in the decay has energy E f = (M 0 m 0)c2 and momentum p f = +m 0c. During a molecular, atomic or nuclear transition to a lower energy level, photons of various energy will be emitted, ranging from radio waves to gamma rays. Photons can also be emitted when a particle and its corresponding antiparticle are annihilated (for example, electron–positron annihilation).: 572,1114,1172. Relativistic energy and momentum However the total energy of the particle E and its relativistic momentum p are frame-dependent; relative motion between two frames causes the observers in those frames to measure different values of the particle's energy and momentum; one frame measures E and p, while the other frame measures E ′ and p′, where E ′ ≠ E and p′ ≠ p, unless there is no relative motion between observers, in which case each observer measures the same energy and momenta. The photon energy increases appreciably for a relativistic electron. Link: An interesting experiment that uses the high-energy photons created that way: "Turning Light into Matter" Problem: (a) Find the photon threshold energy in MeV for the photoproduction process . γ + p --> p + π 0 (m π0 = 135 MeV/c 2, m p = 938 MeV/c 2).

Relativistic energy of a photon

Phys. Rev. Lett. The main emphasis is on two-photon absorption and excited state absorption as We stress the need for relativistic calculations and have developed methods to to reduce mass in passenger vehicles in order to reduce energy consumption. [1] Martin Harwit. »Photon Orbital Angular Momentum in Astrophysics«. »Relativity: A Twist on Relativistic Astrophysics«. I: Nature.
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only when !!!! or when the frequency approaches infinity, !!∞. 2. Relativistic total energy of the photon We can derive equation (1.16) in another simple way.

By manipulating the equations in the now familiar way, we may relate the energy of the photon in the moving frame, relative to the rest frame.
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This is a special case of the relativistic energy formula (3.3)formasslessparticles, m = 0. The frequency is related to the (magnitude of the) wavevector by ! = kc. –64– Does the photon have mass?

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Laser-driven beams of fast ions, relativistic electrons and

It is clear that !!!! only when !!!! or when the frequency approaches infinity, !!∞. 2.